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National Biotechnology Symposium 2012

Innovations in Biotechnology From Education to Industry.

Biotechnology is a vast field which is becoming increasingly fast-growing and competitive. It is of foremost importance for key stakeholders - namely academia, industry and policy makers - to keep up with this fast pace in order for society to reap full benefits of this technological progress. Stepping out of laboratories, this branch of science has shown tremendous potential for industrialization. With new governmental support initiatives, significant growth is inevitable in the coming years, strengthened by the launch of several biotech incubation centers.


This unique National Biotech Symposium (NBS) provides a foundation for researchers and decision-makers in biotechnology to connect on a mutual platform of learning and growth, where the most recent advances and latest developments in biotechnology will be presented. Throughout the day, all present will have the opportunity to network and connect with leaders from all three key stakeholders who will offer insight on current scenarios and the potential that biotechnology holds in this part of the world, spanning basic sciences right through to its practical, industrial applications.


Learning Objective

At the conclusion of this program, the participants would be well aware of the following issues

  • Factors necessary to improve the biotechnology education and make it complement the need of the industry.
  • Challenges the biotech industry faces leading to slower growth than expected.
  • What are the various support systems available by government and private organizations to promote the biotechnology sector.
  • Emerging areas in biotechnology like bioenergy, biofuel, stem cells research, agro-biotech and others.
  • Career options and Road map for future biotechnologist.

Interest Areas

  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – Biosimilars, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, antibodies etc.
  • Medical Biotechnology – Stem cells, gene therapy, tissue engineering, biomarkers, pharmacogenomics etc.
  • Agricultural &Environmental Biotechnology – transgenic crops, bio-monitoring, photosynthetic microorganisms bioremediation etc.
  • Industrial Biotechnology – Bioenergy, biosensors, biofuels, industrial enzymes etc.
  • Other Areas – Molecular Biotechnology & Food Biotechnology.
National Biotechnology Symposium
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