Events :

It includes the following on event-to-event basis
  • Design mail invites, print material like Logos, posters, leaflets, brochures and standees, delegate kits, abstract handling
  • Event specific website design and maintenance, sponsorship packages,
  • Liaisons between speakers and LOC, speaker and keynote management
  • Venue selection, Out-station guest accommodation, guest hospitality
  • Spouse program which could be a pre/post workshop/seminar/talk
  • Show decorator, meal and refreshments, sound, TV/AV
  • Registration badges, records, payments, gala dinners & entertainment
  • Organize recreational/sightseeing activities, industrial/professional tours
  • VIP, VVIP arrangements, escorts, special meeting/greeting rooms
  • Airline bookings & transport management
  • Staffing, anchoring, volunteering, event secretariat

How we calculate the costs -

Just an idea or actuals ?

Many clients first approach us with a request for an overview of costs, often at an early stage when there is not much information available about their conference or event. This is never a bad idea, so if you would like to get an idea of how much is it going to cost you, please feel free to contact us.

If you would prefer to work on the actuals to get a better idea, we will need a summary of the event you are planning or rather wanting us to plan for you. If you would like some help with this we have a very useful checklist available which we can email to you.

A useful guide to costing an event –

This is a list of the main areas of cost within an event budget. Our quotes are normally based on this template.

1. Marketing – It includes,

  • Branding and logo design, Brochures, leaflets, posters, standees etc.
  • Design and print of mailings and email templates
  • Preparation and postage of invitation mailings
  • Database purchase and collation
  • email campaigns
  • Telesales
  • Website design & development

2. Venue costs

We book the venue on the basis of the scale of the event. It includes the audio/visuals, sound system, projector for ppts. If you have an in-house venue, you don’t need to worry about this cost.

3. Delegate registration and management

Costs to register delegates, involving creation of web page(s), database and online payments facility (if required). We offer this at a per-delegate registration fee, which also includes joining instructions, and ongoing delegate management and support.

4. Project management - a cost calculated in days. It includes,

  • Liaison with your team- familiarization meetings, project planning meetings, ongoing communication
  • Site visits,Venue liaison, catering, delegate, speaker and crew accommodation
  • Production and management of timelines and operational briefs
  • Delegate packs, production of collateral materials, signage and badges
  • Audiovisual production specification and arrangements
  • Speaker liaison and management
  • Exhibition and sponsorship management
  • Collation of feedback and production of report
  • General ad hoc administration

This list is not necessarily comprehensive, and there are many more services we provide that are not shown as core elements e.g. entertainment and room theming. These will be budgeted as options, unless you specifically indicate otherwise in your brief.

We would strongly recommend you contact us with details of your event, so we can talk through your requirements and give you advice on costs and how to maximize value for money.