Dear Aayush and Team

When you approached me to invite me to the Local Organizing Committee as the Chief Advisor to the National Conference, I was worried about you as it was your maiden event at such a large scale. But as expected, you produced very well results both in planning and executing the entire event leaving everyone happy about the overall proceedings.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your team on planning, organizing, executing and managing such a wonderful profession event in Jan 2012. It was well planned taking into considerations all the details ensuring comfort to the delegates, invited guests and the speakers as well. Right from the hotel arrangements, food services, to local transportation, everything was under control and executed smoothly. The kind of speakers that you had managed to bring together to a common platform was tremendous and not many pharma conference in Gujarat have such a dynamic combination of experts on the other side of the stage.

Wish you great luck in doing bigger and better events and thus helping the community, profession and the takers of it.

Dr. HemantKoshia
Commissioner, FDCA
Govt. of Gujarat

Dear Organizers

The conference was inaugurated by Shri Jay Narayan Vyas, Honorable Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Gujarat. Three hundred delegates from pharma industry, academia and drug regulatory authority participated in the event. He visualized a great future for the pharma industry in India. He stressed that India has become a dependable and affordable source of life saving drugs to countries in Asia and Africa especially for the poor. He added that the Indian drugs have become the lifeline for HIV, TB and malaria patients in Africa. However there is a need to be vigilant to maintain the quality of the drugs exported by India. The keynote address was delivered by Prof. P.C. Dandiya, an eminent pharmacologist. There were over 75 Poster Presentations and over 10 Oral Presentations. Top 3 posters and oral presentations were awarded a certificate and a cash prize. The conference was organized well. Delegates were all praise for the facilities and the talks by eminent speakers like Dr. SushruthKulkarni, Dr. RustomMody, Dr. Ajay Khopade and others, were very informative. The organizers had put in a lot of efforts and I was impressed by the hard work at the pre-conference period, during the conference and the post conference follow up levels. We hope to have more such scientific conferences, every year, in this part of the country.

Prof. C.J. Shishoo
Honorary Director
B.V. Patel PERD Centre

To Whom it may Concern

I had the privilege to be a part of the National Conference on "Innovation in Pharmaceutical Industry : From Drug Development to Distribution" organized during Jan 2012 at Ahmedabad. I am really impressed by the approach of Mr. Aayush Agarwal, the key factor who probably masterminded the complete planning and organization of the event. He did approach in person prior to meet well in advance and meticulously discussed the subject to provide meaning to the conference. The total arrangements for the guests start from the arrival to departure was a wonderful experience besides the package worked out for the participants. A real satisfying and fulfilling experience of organizing excellence and knowledge sharing. I wish all the success to the event management and especially to Mr. Aayush for such initiatives.

Dr. Ashok Omray
Pharma Professional

Dear Mr.Aayush Agarwal

It was a great pleasure to participate at the conference organized by you and your team in January 2012 at Ahmedabad. I appreciate your efforts and organizing capacity to arrange and manage this National conference on " Innovations in Pharmaceutical Industry: From Drug Development to distribution.

Right from the inaugural ceremony to the valedictory function the show was well managed with multiple activities running in parallel. You took good care of all the senior professional who attended the conference, particularity the travel and accommodation and local hospitality. I felt the location was very far away from the city and so there were not many exhibitors.

I very much appreciate your ability of organizing and running such a grand show. I also wish you all success in your future endeavors in such important shows and contributing to the profession.

SciTech Centre

To whomever it may concern

This is to endorse the work of Mr. Aayush Agarwal, Chief Planning Officer of Swarnim Vision which organizes corporate conferences, seminars, workshops and more.
They have excellent skills and are efficient in managing various kinds of events with dinner and entertainments included.

I have been part of one of the event managed by him(National Conference on 'Innovation is Pharmaceutical Industry: From Drug Development to Distribution' held in Jan 2012, Ahmedabad) and I think he and his team has executed a smooth event which had more than 400 participants.

I recommend him and his team for similar event management.

Rustom Mody, Ph.D.
Sr.V.P. and Head R&D
Lupin Ltd (Biotech Div.)

To Whomsoever It May Concern

It was indeed a great pleasure to be associated with Mr. Aayush Agrawal during the National Conference on 'Innovation in Pharmaceutical Industry: From Drug Development to Distribution' held in January 2012, where I was invited as a speaker. Mr. Aayush Agrawal was the Organizing Secretary.

This National Conference, which had the backing of the high-status International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), was indeed one of the most successful and professionally satisfying seminars I attended. Mr. Aayush Agrawal ensured that top class speakers were invited and there was a very close follow-through from him to ensure their comfort during their travel and stay.

This National Conference was to consider the future effect of innovation and modernization in the pharma industry. The impact of innovation in shaping the healthcare of the populace through innovative delivery systems, was the core issue discussed. Experts from across the word presented their views. High quality constructive and passionate debates were conducted – all because of the initiative of Mr. Aayush Agrawal.

The leadership skills and his capability to organize such a prestigious conference were loudly visible. I commend and salute Mr. Aayush Agrawal for this.

I wish him a great future!

Chief Mentor
The Enablers

Dear Aayush and Team

It’s a pleasure writing this for you. Indeed you displayed excellent organizing skills with your maiden effort at the conference you organized at LJ institute in the last financial year. From what I gathered, it must have been a steep challenge for you considering the experience of the team you had. The staff is young and I have not seen many conferences at this institute before.

It was good to see the spectrum of speakers that you could get to the Dias for the opening ceremony which was indeed above all and reflected your skill set on this front. The honorable minister, the legendary and senior personalities in Pharmacy field like Dr. Bhavsar and the key opinion leaders from the industry. The format of opening ceremony was good indeed and gave a feel of a sizable scientific gathering which took of in a very appropriate mood.

The speakers again were very thoughtfully chosen and most of them from the industry and academia. You designed a good mix of expertise from various fields like drug discovery to regulatory and I strongly believe this was a format which would be appealing as well as very useful to the target audience – the students and the faculty of Pharmacy collages. Some of the talks were good for the industry participants as well.

Overall, I think you got a good spectrum of speakers and topics to the attendees and I believe strongly that this should continue in the coming years. I am sure the good word will spread and in the years to come this will become a known conference for the professionals and the academics alike.

I wish you all the best for the future efforts and I would be happy to be associated with your future endeavors.

Dr. Vikas Shirsath
Chief Scientific Officer
Piramal Discovery Solutions

To Whom it may Concern

At the outset let me express my sincere thanks to Aayush Agarwal for not only making me aware of the important event being organized back in Jan 2012, but also inviting me to be part of it. I was so much impressed with his style of presentation and the theme of the event, that I instantly agreed to participate. Amongst the various topics to be covered in the programme, I liked 'Innovation in Generics' the most. I wish Swarnim Vision a great success in general and Aayush in particular

Warm Regards,

Managing Director

Dear Aayush

I am happy to confirm that I enjoyed delivering my paper at the National Conference on 'Innovation in Pharmaceutical Industry: From Drug Development to Distribution' held in Jan 2012. Thank you for the good work you did in organizing the conference.
Kind regards,

Martin Kelly
Waikato University
New Zealand